How much does a website cost in South Africa?

Well, how much do you want to spend on your website?

Asking how much a website will cost you is like asking how much a car cost.

Do you want a VW Beetle or a Chevy Camaro?

Comparing Cars

It is all about what goes into the project, the design and development of the site, that determines the price.

Hiring an expert in their field that has years of experience and know how, is definitely going to place the pricing on a whole different scale than what a new designer / developer would charge you.

So to a large extent the cost will be relative to who you choose and what you want.

Who Should you choose to build your website?

If you want your business to be represented well, you better get a professional to do the job.
When hiring a web developer you can ask to see their portfolio of work done and also get some references and check out some reviews.

Talk numbers

Taken over a wide spectrum you can end up paying anything from R1500 to R14000

This pricing will be for website from a simple one pager up to +- 10 pages.
Your typical business website consist of about 5 pages:

  • Home Page
  • About us
  • Portfolio
  • Services
  • Contact Page

Sometimes a blog post page can be added to this for content writing to boost your SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ).

When you want to sell products on your website a shop page will be added with an account page, cart / basket page, checkout page and terms & conditions.

Your typical 5 pager will go for between R4000 - R6000 and your shop page could start around R6000.

Obviously the more products you want to sell, the higher the cost will be.

You can also start of with a small one page website for around R1500.
Once your business grows or your budget increases, you can extend the website.

This is very easy to do with a CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress.
WordPress is a good option to go for as it is easy extendable and once the site is built, you as the customer or owner of the site, can learn how to do updates to your content.

There are lots of resources out there to quickly learn the basics.

WordPress also drives around 33% of the websites on the internet. This means a lot of support and things are only getting better.

In Conclusion

The best way forward is to get in touch with your web developer and explain your needs concerning a website for your business and then to get a no obligation quote according to those specifications.

Intermagine web design has been in the business of building websites for business for almost a decade and I will be happy to assist with helping you build a professional, user friendly, mobile responsive and modern looking online presence for your business.

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